Benefits of Floccatura


With thirty decades of experience, we guarantee technical mastery, marketable skill, and handling proficiency. But it is the persistent listening to the current market, the infinite desire. It’s made Serigrafia company that was busy and innovative effective at delivering the services of printing solutions for every need. In highly aggressive sectors like those of ever more vital luxury-goods, In.deco Serigrafia hasbeen competent to draw from the changes of energy to renew it self and renovate the idea of the media. Indeco isn’t just hot flashes, UV screen printing, UV coating, pad printing, Discussing, 3D sublimation, and UV metallization. They are the orchestra in which every device plays its role because of its potential paramount result. It’s an integrated means of dimensional, complementary, and skills and technologies.

3 d sublimation specialization. A establish of 3 d sublimation, InDeco is promoting a printing technique with artistic content and uniqueness of the printed matter. The specialization attained rewards investments in technology and the years of research. It is capable of pleasing niches limited as bulk markets.

The machinery in years has really developed. Gratitude to the Tampografia line which enable you prints an object in three colors with a single pass in scope. The feature comes with.To obtain new information on Tampografia please head to INDECOSERIGRAFIA

As stated previously, the delicate items write with UV varnishing are medicated with agents or that have remains of glass dust. Watch the page devoted to circumstances that are exciting and unique. When and why do we suggest the consumer, who requests for painting or alternative printing techniques? We rarely recommend our customers to use printing expertise, as in cases painting is a must and rewarding.

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