Serigraphia printing options that are Supreme Quality


Serigrafia or silk-screen printing is the craft of forcing ink through a series of fine-meshed silk-screens. Each silk-screen is stretched tightly over a firm wooden or aluminum framework and features a jacket using a photo-sensitive emulsion. Although the glue picture is also used sometimes to produce a mask. The designs and art are acceptable to the needs of the people.

Back in the past, the printing process used a stencil to make the print of an image or design. Stencils were used for centuries in the Orient to make fine art prints in addition to craft items, fabrics, bows. Each color is implemented with a stencil, one at the same time, together to get the last look. The creation of Serigrafia was very artistic procedure that demanded weeks to be absolute.


Even the Italians are particularly passionate about it particular art complex technologies and control for their own productions. The Italians employ qualified professionals for color development, graphic layout, investigation, and prototyping, and they display innovativeness and the creativity of creativity. They deal on beverages, cosmetics, design food, and perfumery. The serigrafia provider works tirelessly to create these products which the customers desire. Meshes made of material like polyester are now used by Screenprinting. The Mesh can also be of materials such as steel and nylon to their own printers. .

Serigrafia is a medium that has existed for 100 decades, which attracts into the world – perfumery, cosmetics, designs, and also many more. It’s usable for everything from logos to posters.

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